Day 95 – Vitamin B12 injections hurt

Yesterday I had my 5th vitamin B12 injection and it really stung. The first ones I had didn’t hurt at all but the last three hurt a lot.

I think it is something to do with how fast they squeeze the injection into your arm. Maybe I’ll be brave enough next time to say the last ones hurt and can they go slower.

The last 2 months I have had the injections done by the nurse because I haven’t had anything to see the doctor about and she did them very slowly and they didn’t really hurt much at all. She said that the vitamin B 12 injections often hurt because there is a lot of liquid to get in. She also said that some of her elderly patients prefer to have the injection in their bottoms as there is more muscle to absorb the liquid and it doesn’t seem to hurt as much.

I had my first injection in my bottom today and it didn’t hurt half as much.

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8 Responses to Day 95 – Vitamin B12 injections hurt

  1. Ti says:

    I love Vit B12 injections – they gave me a short term high:-) I know there are other reasons why we should have them too but that was an added side effect.

    • I want the ones that you have!:-)
      I must admit though that the day or two after the injection are always good days (and of course the sting of the injection is so short term that I shouldn’t complain).

  2. janet says:

    ouch, ouCH OUCH! Injections always give me the speed wobbles – I’m so lucky my vitamin levels all seem to be normal. Do you take supplements? I take multi vitamins, Executive Stress B and a probiotic. I think probiotics are magic – without them I still get gut issues… Enjoy the ‘high’ while it lasts:-)

  3. Petra says:

    It’s interesting that you were told to get injections – I was told to take a number of vitamin tablets (although I haven’t been back since being diagnosed to check if my levels are back to normal…)

  4. darnkitty says:

    For some reason this post made me go to Boots and buy multivitamins. They were 3 for 2, so that was a bonus !!!!!

  5. Janet and Petra,
    Unfortunately, my villi are such that they are non existent and in places, concave and therefore am unable to absorb vitamin B12 via a tablet. My vitamin B12 and D levels are low and apparently I need to have these supplements for the rest of my life (but of course, we’ll see).
    The strange thing is that I was told that I needed to have B12 via injection but the vitamin D supplement is tablet form.
    But the difference in my energy levels from when I’ve had the injection, to just before the next one is due, is remarkable.

  6. darnkitty,
    I am glad you did that. They can’t do you any harm and with the stress at work you have recently been going through, you might need a good multivitamin. 3 for the price of 2. Trust you to get a good deal.:-)

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