Day 124 – Cupcake bake off at work

The first bake off at work was biscuits. I didn’t join in because I didn’t have a trusted recipe. If the biscuit bake off was now, I would make my shortbread cookies. The winner of the biscuit bake off was an experienced and wonderful gluten free cook with her macaroons.

The second bake off was cupcakes. (Tee draws the subject of the bake off from a hat, yes a real hat). Even before I was diagnosed, I was never a baker of cupcakes, possibly something to do with the fussiness that I always imagine cupcakes to be associated with. However, I still longingly searched through online and offline recipes to see if I could find a gluten free, non-fussy cupcake that I could guarantee was going to taste good (and still taste good the next day). Needless to say, without a trusted recipe, I didn’t join in with the bake off for cupcakes. (I’m waiting for the slice bake off.)

The gluten free cook who won the biscuit bake off came second with her delicious and light gluten free cupcakes! I asked her for the recipe but she said it was just a cupcake recipe from the Edmonds cookbook and she replaces the flour with Healtheries Simple baking mix and adds 2 teaspoons of baking powder. She (Gil) said that she always uses normal recipes and just replaces the flour with this baking mix and things taste normal.

I have lots of packets of Healtheries Simple baking mix from my prescription food. I haven’t used them because I didn’t want to “cheat” by using baking mix. I wanted to use flours. But since I am failing on the flours and because I wanted to see for myself if I could be successful at least with BAKING MIX, I thought I would find a simple recipe and give it a go.

So this weekend I searched the Healtheries website for something to bake. I thought using their website was a good start and least likely to fail. So I made Original Lemon Sticky Muffins.

They rose well and they looked nice and yes, they were sticky with the lovely lemon juice and sugar topping BUT they didn’t taste like lemon muffins. I forced myself to eat two muffins over 2 days but part way through the second muffin, I threw them all in the rubbish bin.

Please don’t tell me to focus on what I can eat and less on what I can’t. I am feeling my way here and this is what this 365 day blog is all about. Indulge me while I am learning. The many gluten free blogs out there and different comments are amazingly helpful and supportive. Thank you.

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8 Responses to Day 124 – Cupcake bake off at work

  1. Petra says:

    I never used to like cupcakes – I always thought that the base was really plain and generally the icing was the only good part about them. However, I made these cupcakes ( and now I am in love! They are so easy to make and even the non gluten intolerant love them.

  2. Lois Parker says:

    it was throwing away a whole banana cake (birds very happy) that led me to make my own flour experiments. If the flour mix you get given is good then be happy. Otherwise, stick to your standards; our food needs to be great to eat as well as safe.

    • Thanks Lois, I am thinking that maybe I am being too fussy and looking for the impossible, ie, food that tastes really good but then supportive comments like this help me to be more determined to keep trying. I am waiting to get to Tauranga in the next month to get some urid lentil flour. That’s my next plan of attack.

  3. Janet NZ says:

    It’s discouraging isn’t it? But, hang in there – you’ll get it. It is interesting that your workmates are winning with gluten-free baking – and it’s encouraging too! Are they baking gluten-free just so that you and Ti can join in?

    • The very exceptional gluten free baker at work (and her husband) have been gluten free for quite a long time so she has had lots of practice. It think they are gluten free by choice but I’m not sure. I love that the gluten free baking is winning, just a pity it isn’t mine. But one day, I’ll push her off that top rung, you’ll see!:-)

  4. Ti says:

    Where was mine:-)

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