Day 131 – Gluten Free Apricot Almond Tart

This is possibly one of the best gluten free dessert recipes I have made so far. I found the recipe for this Apricot Almond Tart on Carol’s Simply Gluten Free blog. Thanks Carol.

When you click on this recipe link, please don’t compare photos as Carol’s are so much more beautiful than mine and her tart looks much nicer but mine still tasted delicious.

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9 Responses to Day 131 – Gluten Free Apricot Almond Tart

  1. Lois Parker says:

    looks good. I do a similar one with rhubarb (earliest produce from our garden – growing well now spring is here) with a streusel topping. It freezes very well too.

    • Sounds nice. Is that recipe on your blog? I have rhubarb in my garden that is almost ready to use. Still needs to get a fraction pinker but I need to pick it before the possums eat it.

  2. Petra says:

    Yum! I will definitely be trying this one.

    P.s. your photos look great!

  3. darnkitty says:

    Both yours and Carol’s look great!

  4. Janet NZ says:

    Yum – that DOES look good. Have you tried the pizza with the cheese crust? It is amazingly good. It is on Carol’s blog now, but it comes from Shirley’s blog… Also, have you found Heidi is not gluten-free, but she has really healthy recipes, including one that is not so healthy, but absolutely gorgeous and you might win the work bake-off… chocolate pond cookies (they’re in her gluten-free section). They are dead easy to make and I think everyone would love them:-)

  5. Fi says:

    I actually think your tart looks tastier than Carol’s! I am on Day 3 of gluten and wheat free and will definitely give that a go at some point – thanks:)

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