Day 255 – Pan Roasted Nuts with Thyme

I found this recipe in the weekend when I was trying to sort my “recipes to try” internet folder. I had saved so many recipes into this folder that it was becoming unmanageable. Now when I go to the folder, I have little sub folders under my “recipes to try” for baking, main meals, desserts, etc. You get the general idea. I am such a boringly organised person that I bore myself sometimes. (I am glad that  no one from work, apart from Ti, reads this blog, as they would have a field day with “supportive” comments.)

Anyway, while sorting my recipes I found this very quick little recipe for pan roasted almonds that I had saved a long time ago and I thought that this would  be a great snack to eat while doing my recipe folder organising. The recipe is from Jenn Cuisine a gluten free cooking blog.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I went back to the recipe just now that I realised I had forgotten to drizzle the truffle oil on top. Grrr. One of the main reasons I thought to try this recipe, other than I love all things nuts, was that it uses truffle oil. I had paid an exorbitant about of money for a very tiny bottle a few months ago (much to Hatich’s displeasure) and I was looking forward to drizzling it. Never mind. But I will have to check the expiry date on the bottle. I’d hate to have wasted it.

The nuts were a really tasty snack and the recipe has a different little twist with the thyme and the caramelized sugar (and of course the truffle oil). I finished off the last of these nuts at work today. Thanks Jenn for the recipe.

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