Day 335 – Is yeast extract gluten free? (yes mostly)

I have had a Signature Range guacamole creamy dip that Haitch bought once when I wasn’t shopping with him. Why would you buy guacamole when it is so easy to make and much nicer and healthier than the ones in the jar with all their additives. I of course, told him this so he probably won’t ever buy it again but this jar has been sitting in the cupboard looking miserably out at me each time I open it. So today I have taken it out and checked the ingredients.

All of the ingredients look good except yeast extract. I know that some yeasts are not gluten free so what about yeast extract?

So I searched on google “is yeast extract gluten free” and got different forums and opinions but couldn’t find a definitive answer.
So then I checked out the safe food list website I used to use all the time when I was first diagnosed. It didn’t mention yeast extract but said that yeast is gluten free, so that is odd. (I have since found out that yeast is gluten free but some manufacturers add wheat.)
So then I checked out the Coeliac New Zealand Ingredient List booklet and there I found what I had been searching for, yeast extract is gluten free unless identified as barley malt.

So I checked again the guacamole label and the yeast extract is not from barley malt. But oopsy, the use by date is 10/12/10. So in the rubbish bin it goes. Oh well, one way to get rid of it.

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12 Responses to Day 335 – Is yeast extract gluten free? (yes mostly)

  1. darnkitty says:

    Sounds like the Coeliac New Zealand booklet is a godsend!

  2. Aitch says:

    Poor guacamolešŸ˜¦ I would have eaten it:):)

    • Aitch says:

      Before it expired I meanšŸ˜‰

    • gregfullmoon says:

      Only one taste as it tastes like something that rhymes with chit. I’d made some guacamole for a pot luck dinner, mine based on avocados, lemon, garlic, pepper, salt, and cayenne pepper. Another person brought the Signature Range product, which we opened after the real guacamole was finished. It was a horrid artificial colour of green, it smelt weird and the taste.. ptew, yuck.. nothing like the fresh guacamole we’d just enjoyed. I looked at the label, avocados were the 4th item on the ingredients at 4%… how anyone gets away with calling this guacamole?

  3. thank you for clarifying this ran into this the other day with taco seasoning mix i did not use it made my own version that was fine but in a pindh a package does the trick,are we going to now see new labelling for us people who are celiac and have to read labels and between the lines ex this yeast extract?

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  5. Jennifer's Tummy Troubles. says:

    Gluten makes me extremely ill. Twice now I’ve been poisoned by yeast extract. Once in sausage and once on fricken potato chips. I don’t know what’s in it, but as someone who can’t have Gluten, I apparently can’t have this either.

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