Day 342 – Gluten free cheese cookies

What seems like many long weeks ago, we  had our first rugby world cup evening at our house for friends and family and each weekend since then, we have very loudly cheered on the All Blacks or if they weren’t playing, whichever team we felt like supporting and for a myriad of reasons, either tactical (cheering for the weakest team so that later in the round, the All Blacks would have an easier win) or emotional (cheering for a country that belonged to our ancestry or a country that belongs to a friend).

On the first evening Aitch made two different gluten free biscuits for me and the other rugby supporting coeliac. I should have been quicker because I put the biscuits out and then turned my back for a couple of minutes and all of the non coeliacs gobbled them up. I did get to try a cheese cookie and it was really good. A strangely nice tasting savoury cookie. Both recipes were from A Gluten Free Day blog. Aitch is bringing another batch of the cheese cookies out tonight for the final All Blacks vs France game.

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