Gluten free pizza in London

I did manage to satisfy my craving for gluten free pizza while I was in London.

I know they have Hell’s Pizza in London now but I can have that anytime in New Zealand. I wanted to find something I hadn’t tried before. So I searched online and found The Gluten Free Foodie’s post about gluten free pizza and also Yelp.  After reading the posts and the reviews, I decided on Otto’s.

While in London I was staying at Limehouse Basin near canary Wharf and Otto is situated in Notting Hill but when you are on holiday and you have a fantastic tube system to get you around this great city, nowhere is too far to go to find good gluten free food. So one chilly evening after Em had finished work, we made our separate ways to Notting Hill, met outside Bayswater station and then with a little help from google maps on Em’s phone, we found our way to Otto’s on Chepstow Road. (Thank you Em for being happy to go all over London with me based on my gluten free whims.)

The atmosphere at Otto’s when you first walk in is intimate and friendly. The staff were very helpful when I asked about the gluten free pizzas. Their standard pizza is made with a mix of cornmeal (which is gluten free) and organic wheat flour. They also make a base without wheat or gluten but they are made in the one kitchen so cannot be called gluten free. This was all explained before ordering.

The gluten free option can’t be ordered by the slice like the normal Otto’s pizzas but Em and I were able to share a gluten free base and have half and half toppings. (We had Red Lentil Kofte and Leek and Bacon from their new spring menu.)

I won’t attempt to describe the taste of the cornmeal pizza crust other than to say it was a unique taste sensation. (Gluten Free Foodie has a great post on Otto’s pizzas that describes them beautifully.) Lots of delicious toppings made from fresh ingredients. Check out their current menu and take the time to try these cornmeal pizzas. I doubt you will be disappointed.

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2 Responses to Gluten free pizza in London

  1. So pleased to hear you enjoyed Otto Pizza. I haven’t been there yet. I contacted them at some point last year and their response about the “made without gluten” pizzas made me a little nervous. Since the new labellling laws came into force in January this year, many more restaurants are now stressing they can’t confirm food is “gluten free” and so their position on this is now no longer different to most other restaurants.

    Oh and good plan not going to Hell Pizza….I’ve been poorly after having GF pizza from them…as have a few other Coeliacs I’ve spoken to.

    • I know here in New Zealand that although Hell’s have gluten free Pizza bases they don’t seem to be so clued up on the toppings. Which of course defeats the whole purpose.:-)

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