enzo’s gluten free in Adelaide has the best gluten free bread ever

I had previously found one gluten free bread (Genius) that I could eat without having to toast. Unfortunately that bread is made in England and I live in New Zealand. But at least I got to try it and I have my memories of that delicious sandwich.

Then Haitch and I went to Adelaide for a long weekend. Adelaide has a beautiful market full of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and all sorts of other glorious fresh produce. What a wonderful place just to wander around and fill in a day. As we were meandering and enjoying all the sights and smells, we came across enzos.

A reader had recommended we try enzo’s while we were visiting Adelaide so I approached the counter with a certain amount of expectation. Ahhh, one look at the food and I could see I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Gluten free heaven! Lots and lots of freshly baked gluten free goodies. I managed to get a seat at one of their little tables and I  sat down and sampled lots of goodies. Delicious! I wanted to stay there all day and keep eating. I knew once I had left enzo’s it would be a long time before I found a gluten free bakery as good as this. Wagfree in Brixton markets, London would be the last time I had the pleasure of eating at a place like this.

And then there was the bread. enzo’s bread is beautiful. Soft, springy and delicious. I don’t think I remember what real bread tastes like but I know the smell. Haitch tortures me with it all the time. enzo’s bread tasted just the way real bread smells. And I could eat it fresh and have a proper sandwich. I would almost go so far as to say it was better than Genius bread. Yes, I will be so bold and say it is better than Genius gluten free bread.

I bought a loaf of enzo’s bread and wandered around the market to select the perfect cheese so I could have fresh bread and cheese in my hotel room. If you are not gluten free, you will have no idea how special that is!

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6 Responses to enzo’s gluten free in Adelaide has the best gluten free bread ever

  1. That sounds fabulous! I dream of cheese on fresh bread…happy New Year (almost!).

    • Alan or "Cecil the coeliac" says:

      yes I told you that ENZO’s is the best, when I was there I asked him “PLEASE” come to NZ and start baking here as he would make lots as there is no other bakery like Enzo’s anywhere in this country. love your storys and all the best for New Year. Alan (cecil the coeliac) plus some others allergy’s.

      • Ahh, Alan. So it was Cecil the Coeliac who recommended enzo’s. I love the name Cecil the Coeliac. Thank you for the wonderful recommendation. And yes, how I wish they were n NZ.
        Thank you for the kind comments about my blog and thank you for continuing to read. Happy New Year.

    • It was pretty special. I have had cheese on fresh bread twice now in 2 years, once with Genius and now enzo’s. Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Trevor says:

    I have found one gluten-free bread that works as bread: rebecca rolls makes it and sells it in Wellington markets and at commonsense organics stores.

    • How wonderful to have a gluten free bread available in the Wellington area. I don’t think we have a commonsense organics store in the Auckland area but I will check. Thank you leaving this reply.

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