Whittaker’s L&P chocolate bar is gluten free


I was in the supermarket a week or so ago and I happened to see a new Whittaker’s chocolate bar. Their peanut slab is a New Zealand favourite chocolate bar and it is gluten free.

I picked up the chocolate bar to have a closer look. Whittaker’s chocolate and L&P? A strange combination. L&P (or Lemon and Paeora) is a famous New Zealand soft drink and has been around for years and years. Very bad for you, as all soft drinks are but it has a very distinctive taste and if you are visiting New Zealand, this soft drink is worth trying.

But what about a chocolate bar with L&P? I picked up the bar and read the label to see if it was gluten free. Yes, it is gluten free (and this is confirmed on their Facebook page). Hmmm. I was about to put the chocolate bar into my supermarket trolley and then noticed it was white chocolate. No thanks. I don’t like white chocolate so I put it back on the supermarket shelf. As I walked away, I was still wondering what chocolate and L&P would taste like. It had intrigued me.

Then a few days later, Car from work pulled a bag of Whittaker’s L&P chocolate out of her desk drawer and asked me if I had tried it and if it was gluten free. I told her it was gluten free and that I didn’t like white chocolate. She said it was really good and handed me the bag. Of course I put my hand in and pulled one out. I ripped the paper off and put the whole thing in my mouth (it was only a small square) for my first taste of this intriguing chocolate bar.

What an amazing taste. The combination of white chocolate,  L&P flavour (yes, it is distinctly L&P) and the little bits of popping candy to make it like the fizzy soft drink, make this a really delicious chocolate bar.  Do try one. If you are not from New Zealand get a friend to send you one over.

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10 Responses to Whittaker’s L&P chocolate bar is gluten free

  1. Jenny says:

    So I’m not the only one! I don’t ‘do’ white chocolate, but i couldn’t resist a taste…wow…the flavour and fizz are amazing. But it is very sweet and full of milk so now that I’ve been there done that, I’ll be returning to my Whittakers Dark Ghana. I can recommend their peppermint-infused dark chocolate too…gluten free, dairy free, full of antioxidants but just as importantly, delicious. No, I don’t work for Whittakers…probably just as well for my waistline!

  2. JanetNZ says:

    I too admit to being intrigued by this combination… I suspect I will now ‘have’ to try it… sigh:-)

  3. JanetNZ says:

    I ate the entire pack by myself!!! Sugar addiction back in full force:-)

  4. zara says:

    I would try it if it was milk chocolate/L&P but the white choc doesn’t appeal to me either – not unless someone else buys me some!

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