Comment from a local chef about gluten free pizza bases

Our local pub changed hands recently and the new owner is a chef. There is a rumour that he is going to be opening the pub restaurant but meanwhile they have started serving pizzas in the pub.

So one afternoon, Haitch and I decided to see if they had gluten free pizza bases. No, but the person behind the bar said that she would mention it to the chef and see if he would be prepared to buy some in.

A few weeks later, we went back to see if she had asked the chef. Yes she had. He said he won’t be getting in gluten free pizza bases because they tasted horrible! Hmmmmmmmm.

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12 Responses to Comment from a local chef about gluten free pizza bases

  1. Jenny says:

    Where is this place so that I can avoid it or perhaps take the chef a home-made pizza on a Venerdi Crispy Pizza Base…

  2. JanetNZ says:

    They DO taste bad if you’re not used to them, but they are our ONLY option!😦

  3. JanetNZ says:

    base… Make a base … bumble fingers

  4. Alan Ryan (cecil the celiac) says:

    Don’t worry about him, I went to a pub/Bristo in otorahonga (Waikato) called The Fat Weta, and thinking I was going to only have chips for lunch (stodge) but I plucked up courage to asked if they do anything for Gluten and dairy free (and many other things that affect me) and boy do they cater for people like us, I was so impressed, once I got lunch and hooking into it, another customer arrived and placed an order and the bar person asked would you like that gluten free or normal?
    How often does that happen? 100/100 for that.
    Cecil the celiac.

  5. Alice says:

    If you are in Auckland Archie’s do a gluten free pizza base – but after weeks of trying it and always feeling ill the next day I went and watched what they do with them – they are all cooked on the same stone so there is quite a large amount of cross contimination….
    He uses the Venerdi bases though and I personally prefer them to the gluten bases!!

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