Don’t keep telling me how delicious glutenous food is when I am gluten free!

Three years on and I still have times when I get annoyed at having to be gluten free. Not very often. But now and again something triggers my sadness or my anger and I go through a wave of feeling sorry for myself all over again.

My husband, Haitch has recently been raving on to anyone who will listen (and that certainly isn’t me) about cronuts.  A cross between a doughnut and a croissant (don’t wanna know). Crispy on the outside (tell someone who cares), deliciously soft on the inside (lalala hands over the ears).

Last weekend he dared to buy these cronuts while I was with him. I looked the other way when he got a cronut out of the bag and took it towards his open mouth.
Unfortunately my nose could still absorb the delicious smell.
Unfortunately my ears could still hear the delicate crack as he bit through the crispy outside.
After he had eaten two of these beautiful things, he told me how delicious they were!

And then that evening we were at Eden Park for the All Blacks vs South Africa rugby game. I have posted before about the lack of gluten free food at Eden Park  but a comment had been left on my previous post that the pizza place based in Eden Park makes a gluten free pizza base. So while the others were greedily tucking into their burritos, I went on the hunt for the pizza place. I found it but unfortunately, they looked at me rather strangely when I asked if they had gluten free bases.

So I walked back to find the rest of my family, feeling hungry and just a bit annoyed with myself for not having eaten before I left home. Haitch tried to look slightly empathetic when I said there were no gluten free bases and then we walked on. Empathy quickly forgotten as Haitch turned to me, held out his burrito and said this tastes really good!

Then this morning I came across this blog written by a mum of an Australian teenage boy who has recently been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. I read through the entire blog and even three years on from my diagnosis I felt their pain, particularly with this post titled Gluten Free – the emotional roller coaster.

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19 Responses to Don’t keep telling me how delicious glutenous food is when I am gluten free!

  1. samanthatimms1 says:

    totally get that feeling. for me it’s only been 10months since diagnosis & diet. it
    s reassuring in a way knowing that feeling doesn’t ever completely go away. I’ll never enjoy this diet, why would anyone (except weigh-loss diet fanatics) but we make do, we gave to. I guess it’s a small price to pay for a healthy life, just they missed the bit out telling us how much food is involved socially. anyhow loved this post!

  2. JanetNZ says:

    Grumpy bum. Is it full moon?:-) XO

  3. Alice says:

    I am so with you! I’m sick of cronut love crowding my Facebook feed. I am so jealous !

  4. maria dsuza says:

    Guys i have some Gluten Free Cookie Recipes, if you want to try then i am sharing a link where you can download.

    Gluten Free Foods Ebook

  5. Aitch says:

    Naughty Haitch! To make you feel better, cronuts are kinda greasy, not as good as I expected.

  6. alwaysamum says:

    Thank you for dropping by my blog ( gluten free and the australian teenager ) and thank you for your referral. And especially thank you for your empathy. A coeliac diagnosis is a tough gig especially at the start but slowly and surely my son is more comfortable within himself. It is the small things sometimes. He received a school award recently and parents and awardees were invited for morning tea. Two plates of chocolate biscuits adorned the table, so my son missed the morning tea and rushed off to eat from his lunch box. I did contact the school. My first email went unanswered and my second one was well received. Kieran is receiving an cultural award in two weeks, so hopefully he will be able to enjoy the supper afterwards.


    • I’m sorry that your first email went unanswered and good on you for sending a second one. Pity it had to take 2 but hope it makes a difference for the second award. And I am so pleased he is becoming more comfortable about it within himself.
      He’ll get there with such a caring mum to help him.:-) and yes, we are always a mum.

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