Master of India Restaurant in Taupo, very gluten free friendly

Last time I went to Taupo I had a bad gluten free experience eating out at night.

This time I decided to play it safe and decided to eat at an Indian restaurant. Most Indian curries are gluten free but it does depend on where they source their spices but the majority of the time you can feel safe eating in an Indian restaurant. An English friend of ours had eaten the evening before at Master of India in Taupo and highly recommended the restaurant. So we tried it.

When we walked in we were warmly greeted by the staff. And yes, gluten free was not a problem as all of their curries were gluten free so I could eat anything from their menu apart from the breads. They even confirmed that the pappadums were gluten free. (Always check pappadums as they are not always gluten free.)

So we sat down and selected a dish each from their extensive menu. They had so many choices. Pages of curries and they all sounded so good. Curries that you don’t normally see on menus in most Indian restaurants in  New Zealand.

Our meal arrived and it was truly the best curry I have ever eaten. I know this sounds silly, but it tasted “home made”. The flavours were distinct and complex and I wish they had a branch in Auckland. Our friend who recommended this restaurant said that his daughter wanted the family to go to back to Taupo for her next birthday so she could eat there again.

So if you are looking for the best Indian restaurant in New Zealand, go to Taupo and if you happen to be gluten free, that’s ok too. And don’t just take my word for it, the Trip Advisor reviews give it 4 ½ stars.

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2 Responses to Master of India Restaurant in Taupo, very gluten free friendly

  1. Aitch says:

    Oh yum that sounds delish! I know exactly what you mean about curries that aren’t usually on NZ’s menus.

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